Monday, July 17, 2017

From my 14-Year-Old Daughter: Standing Up to Bullying and Standing Up for What's Right

And on a very personal note: my 14-year old daughter just posted this on Instagram about standing up to bullies, standing up for her little sister who has Down syndrome, and standing up for what's right. Please feel free to share their important anti-bullying message and thanks for letting me share!

From her Instagram page:

For those who think it's "okay" to call people names, make fun of them, harass them, judge them before even getting to know them, if they have a disability, or even because they're short, i hope you know that you're giving newport beach a worse reputation then it already has. Having a younger sister w a disability is the best but worst thing that has ever happened to me. People constantly call her fat, dumb, ugly, and think she's dumb when she really has the brightest future ahead of her. If you think it's okay to exclude people because of what they look like, glare at people because of what they are wearing, or even because they got a low score on a math test. If you do any of these things, please stay far far away from me. Just to know that most people at my school, in my community do these brutal things, Makes me cry, which is what i'm doing while i write this for you to absorb. All i'm saying is if you wanna act like an immature, bratty, irresponsible teenager, then that sucks for you because maybe your parents don't care. But everyone's watching you. Sorry if this was a time waster. My sister and I both wanted to let this out considering she was bullied by someone in my grade and i hope you know who you are. thank you.